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Monika talks about commerciality, “Dancers need that. We should change the prejudices”

Dancer Monika revealed her thoughts on commerciality

The September 12th broadcast of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” showed Bae Yoon Jung appearing as a special judge for the K-POP Death Match Mission.

That day, 1MILLION and Wolf’Lo competed with each other using YG’s songs. At the meeting for the Dance Copy section, 1MILLION Lia Kim said, “I wonder if it was too complicated for you guys. I’m sorry in advance”. After seeing the choreography, Wolf’Lo showed their determination, saying “We’ll try sexy after many years”.

Street Woman Fighter

Practicing 1MILLION’s choreography, Wolf’Lo became worried and nervous because their bodies did not move as they wanted. However, Wolf’Lo tried to overcome the pressure and completed their performance. Judge Shownu commented, “This is the most enjoyable hip-hop stage I’ve ever seen”.

The show continued with 1MILLION’s dance preparation process. Seeing the choreography created by Wolf’Lo, 1MILLION exclaimed, “I can’t believe they gave us this one”, expressing satisfaction. They started practicing with confidence but leader Lia Kim had a severe cramp during the practice. After losing the battle of pointing out Worst Dancer and not getting the Main Dancer position in the Class Mission, Lia Kim confessed, “I came here as the leader of 1MILLION but failed to gain good results. I’m so angry that I couldn’t prove anything.”

1MILLION members waited for Lia Kim to stabilize her mental state, but Lia Kim was eventually hospitalized. After resuming practice, 1MILLION was selected by performance director Kim Byung Gon.

Street Woman Fighter

As a result, judges Monika and Bae Yoon Jung chose 1MILLION while Shownu picked Wolf’Lo.

Monika said, “Each team did what they could do best. To be honest, I was worried that people would think Wolf’Lo is not very good at creating choreographies but your performance in the second half blew away the worries. I applauded your efforts”.

She continued, “In the case of 1MILLION, there are many prejudices like Lia Kim said and those prejudices are related to ‘commerciality’. I think commerciality is one of the most important things for dancers nowadays. We used to have prejudices about it but shouldn’t we change and accept new things now? I think we have to change the prejudices.”

Source: Daum

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