A celebrity surprises the public with his visual after cutting his hair

Kang Kyun Sung is a member of the famous vocal group Noel.

Kang Kyun Sung, the youngest member of Noel, conquered the entertainment industry with his singing skills and excellent humor sense. Recently, he announced that he was taking a break from entertainment shows to create other hobbies, focus on singing, and have his own time.

Kang Kyun Sung

Noel is a group that mainly sings ballads and has been loved by many people for their lyrical lyrics and appealing voices. Because of their mild image, Kang Kyun Sung has been able to show off his skills in various programs as the member in charge of entertainment.

Kang Kyun Sung

Thanks to this, Kang enjoyed popularity not only by promoting with his group Noel, but also by increasing his own public recognition. However, interviews related to this have become a hot topic in recent years after he started appearing less on entertainment shows.

Kang Kyun Sung

Kang Kyun Sung said, “I can’t appear on variety shows just because I want to be on variety shows, I have to be contacted and called to appear. There are so many people who are viral right now that I have no room to join,” he said, making everyone laugh.

In response, Lee Sang Gon said, “Kyun Sung seems to keep his hair length and his appearances on entertainment show proportional,” and Kang Kyun Sung responded, “When I cut my hair, I was surrounded by the thought that I had done a proper job. When I had bobbed hair, they laughed no matter what I did,” he said, showing off his still entertaining sense.

Kang Kyun Sung

Meanwhile, Noel recently released their commemorative album “Twenty” to mark the 20th anniversary of their debut. With the new song release, fans are looking forward to seeing Kang Kyun Sung’s witty remarks again.

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