26-year-old male Tiktoker criticized for choosing New Jeans’ Minji as his ideal type 

A Tiktoker is under controversy after talking about Minji.

Recently, Noah, a famous dancer and Tiktoker made a guest appearance on the show “Female K-IDOL Look-Alike Blind Date”. Noah revealed that he likes tall and cat-like girls like aespa’s Karina or girls with various charms like Kim Sejeong.

When asked who his ideal type is, Noah answered, NewJeans’ Minji? I feel like she’s very similar to my ideal type. She makes my heart flutter.”

dancer noah minji newjeans

However, what Noah said has come under netizens’ and New Jeans fans’ criticism because Noah is 26 years old this year, while Minji is only 18 years old and is still a minor. Therefore, a grown man saying Minji is his ideal type is considered inappropriate.

Source: FB

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