Momo shows off her amazing choreography and surprisingly good live singing skills at TWICE’s concert

Momo has always been known for her great dancing skills, but her good live singing surprised netizens.

TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ is TWICE‘s first live concert with an audience after 2 years that could not be held because of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Therefore, right after the first show ended on December 25, fans were extremely excited to share the impressive fancams of the 9 girls.  Among the members, Momo currently owns a very viral short fancam when performing the song “Rewind“.

Rewind is originally a sad ballad of TWICE, so to match the style of the song, most TWICE members will just sit or stand still when performing. However, when it came to Momo‘s performance, she created a big surprise when performing extremely seductive dance moves.  More importantly, the Japanese female idol showed off her ability to sing live.  This is considered an improvement beyond fans’ expectations.  Momo self-insisted that she is not tone-deaf.

Momo received many compliments for her performance
Momo received many compliments for her performance

On the Hello stage performing with Nayeon and Chaeyoung, Momo also attracted attention with her seductive body lines and flexible choreography that made fans fall in love.  As expected of the top dancer in Gen 3, her every move was extremely eye-catching!

Momo also has attractive body proportions.
Momo also has attractive body proportions.

Fans’ comments:

  • Momo killed the stage!
  • Momo sings better than what antifans say about her
  • I love her body proportions.
  • Momo has improved a lot already.  And she’s not tone deaf.
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