“Mistake vs. Intention” K-media Compares TREASURE’s Dokdo-less Map Controversy With Tzuyang’s “Dokdo Is Our Land” Video

YG’s boy group TREASURE has become controversial for erasing only Dokdo island from the map in its Japanese tour announcement

TREASURE held its first fan meeting “HELLO AGAIN” in Japan from September 30th to October 1st. At this event, the group surprisingly unveiled the schedule of their Japanese tour ‘REBOOT’ to be held next year. Through a map of South Korea and Japan shown on the screen, the members announced they will perform in Fukuoka, Saitama, Hiroshima, Osaka, Fukui and Nagoya from January 6 next year. 


However, the map became a controversy. Some of the territories of Korea and Japan were revealed, with islands such as Jeju Island and Ulleungdo Island drawn in detail. However, Dokdo/Takeshima island, a territory in dispute between Korea and Japan was left out. The map was even more controversial because it even showed annexed islands such as Tsushima Island (Daemado Island) in Japan. 

In response, Korean fans strongly criticize that Dokdo was intentionally erased, not by mistake.

treasure tour

Meanwhile, mukbang content creator Tzuyang’s remarks on Dokdo in the past is being put in the spotlight again. In commemoration of October 25th, Dokdo Day, in 2021, the YouTuber held an “Eating Show of 84 Dokdo Shrimps” with Gian84. In the video, Tzuyang added the message, “Dokdo is our land!” and at the end of the video, the phrase “Dokdo is Korean territory” was translated into English, Chinese, and Japanese along with the song “Dokdo is our land.” 

Since then, Japanese netizens have been strongly angered and “canceling their subscription” to Tzuyang, while Korean netizens have come to subscribe to Tszyang and expressed their support. Tzuyang once mentioned it on MBC’s “Radio Star” last month, saying, “It became an issue because there were so many articles in Korea.”

Source: naver

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