‘The Glory’ took 5th place on Netflix… “Song Hye-kyo’s revenge worked”

Netflix’s series ‘The Glory’ captivated the world.

On the 7th, OTT content ranking aggregation site ‘Flixpatrol’ released Netflix’s global TV series rankings. ‘The Glory‘ rose to the 5th place.

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It is maintaining the top ranks with outstanding works with “Ginny & Georgia” (1st), “Kaleidoscope” (2nd), “Wednesday” (3rd), and “Emily in Paris” (4th).

‘The Glory’ is leading the global syndrome. It took #1 in Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. It also topped the list in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and the Philippines.

‘The Glory’ is the story of a woman whose soul was broken by violence in her childhood. She risked her whole life for revenge.

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Song Hye-kyo‘s hot acting is gaining favorable reviews. In the drama, she played the role of ‘Moon Dong-eun’, a victim of school violence. Hiding her inner pain, she firmly portrayed her going all-in for revenge.

She expressed the pain of school violence with an expressionless face. In order to complete the work, she went on a diet to successfully portray the character. Viewers unanimously said that it is her lifetime character.

Lim Ji-yeon the glory

Lim Ji-yeon’s first villain role also received praise. She played the role of “Park Yeon-jin” with Kim Hieora (as Lee Sara), Cha Joo-young (as Choi Hye-jung), Park Sung-hoon (as Jeon Jae-joon), and Kim Gun-woo (as Son Myung-oh).

Lee Do-hyun played the role of Joo Yeo-jeong, Moon Dong-eun’s helper. He looks like a flower in a greenhouse, but he has a huge pain behind him. He perfectly portrayed both sides of the character.

Source: Nate, Flixpatrol

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