K-netizens List Out Why YG Is Terrible To TREASURE

Korean fans are furious at YG Entertainment for their careless actions regarding TREASURE

On October 1, a Korean netizen made a post on the popular Korean online community Nate Pann, criticizing YG for their ways of handling TREASURE’s activities.

The post is titled, “YG Why are you like this?”, listings the times YG has made TREASURE criticized.

The first is YG removing Dokdo island from the map in the group’s Japan tour announcement, which became a big controversy in Korea.

treasure tour

Moreover, according to this netizen, TREASURE’s Japanese Dome Tour and their Korea Reboot concert has a big price difference, while the Japanese Dome Tour also has a membership discount.

The post also criticized YG for sending TREASURE to tour Japan every time their songs became viral, instead of variety shows and follow-up activities to promote them in Korea. This netizen claims that even though the group can earn more in Japan, they are a Korean group and Korean activities should be their top priority regardless.

In addition, this fan believe that TREASURE have singing skills, songwriting, dance, performance but because of YG, the number of their Korean fans doesn’t increase, and the fans who originally endured are moving to other groups. This repeated situation has angered TREASURE’s fandom.

In the comment section, many fans have left their comments agreeing with the original post, such as,

“Those who say they should go to Japan because Korea can’t afford it, do you know what their priority should be? Is TREASURE a Japanese idol group? If they debuted as Japanese idols in the first place, would they gain all of that? Lol We endured some kind of Hello Again Japan tour but then they said they were going to do a Reboot Japan tour the minute they stepped on the Korean ground. Are you kidding me?”

treasure tour

“YG’s artist treatment is not good and they’re trying to make money. What kind of big agency is that? I feel sorry for the members”

“No, it’s not even the members’ fault they still got criticized. What’s wrong with you? Criticize YG then. It’s like a real trash company”

As of October 2, the original post has gathered approximately 71,000 views and countless comments.

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