Living together with Ryu Sung-jae, Han Ye-seul revealed that she was touched by her boyfriend’s kindness, “Thank you for washing the dishes. So sweet”

Actress Han Ye-seul was touched by the kindness of her boyfriend, who is 10 years younger than her.

In the new video uploaded on her Youtube channel “Han Ye-seul is” on March 11th, Han Ye-seul said, “My boyfriend washed all the dishes today”, while looking at the neatly organized sink.

Han Ye-seul explained, “My boyfriend does the cooking while I’m in charge of washing the dishes and cleaning”. The actress revealed that when she asked her boyfriend, “Honey, why did you do that? Washing the dishes is my task”, he affectionately answered, “Because you have to film something today”. Han Ye-seul then said, “He’s so sweet”, showing admiration for her boyfriend’s kindness.

han ye seul

Last month, Han Ye-seul turned on a live broadcast on Instagram and communicated with fans. The actress revealed that she had moved to live with her boyfriend and also talked about how they distributed household chores, saying, “My boyfriend does the laundry and I wash the dishes”. As time goes by, the two’s love seems to have been deepened.

han ye seul

Han Ye-seul drew attention in May last year when she revealed that she was dating theater actor Ryu Sung-jae, who is 10 years younger than her. At that time, various suspicions about Ryu Seung-jae were raised, but Han Ye-seul stood strong for her boyfriend and be more affectionate to him with huge support from fans.

han ye seul


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