Lee Byung-hun reveals happy moments with his son… The comment of his wife Lee Min-jung also draws attention

Actor Lee Byung-hun updated his recent status of spending time with his son Jun-hoo.

Lee Byung-hun posted several photos on his Instagram along with the hashtag #UniversalStudios on July 19th.

The released pictures show Lee Byung-hun holding Jun-hoo’s hand and having a good time at Universal Studios. The two wore fedora hats and casual clothes, giving off a friendly atmosphere of ordinary tourists. 

Lee Byung-hun’s wife Lee Min-jung left an encouraging comment under her husband’s post, saying “You’re doing such a great job”.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung got married in 2013 and had their son Jun-hoo in 2015. Lee Byung-hun’s new movie “Emergency Declaration” is scheduled to premiere soon.

Source: wikitree

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