“Miracle in Cell No. 7” child actress has grown up and become much more beautiful

Netizens are amazed by the recent visual of child actress Kal So Won, who has grown into a teenager.

Actress Kal So Won debuted as a child actress in the 2012 drama “Take Care of Us, Captain”. In 2013, she played the main character Lee Ye Seung in the “10-million viewers” film “Miracle in Cell No. 7” and made her face widely known to the public. 

gal so won

Thanks to her excellent acting performance in this movie, Kal So Won was nominated for both Best New Actress and Best Actress at the Grand Bell Awards.

The young actress later made headlines when she signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, the home to BLACKPINK, Big Bang, WINNER, etc., and has continued her relationship with YG for 10 years.

gal so won

Kal So Won also posted selfies with BLACKPINK members on her SNS account. She added the caption, “Little So Won met the unnies for the first time when they were all trainees. Now she can finally meet these cool unnies as a fan. Thank you for the signed CD gift. I love BLACKPINK”, showing her affection for BLACKPINK members.

gal so won

Born in 2006, Kal So Won is 18 years old this year. She has gradually built her acting career by starring in various works, such as “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol”, “The Legend of the Blue Sea”, “Cleaning Up”, etc. 

gal so won

She recently appeared in Genie TV’s original series “Delivery Man” as the righteous and warm-hearted student  Choi Ha Yul and received favorable reviews from drama fans for her improved acting skills.

Kal So Won recently became a hot topic with her latest SNS update. The actress released some recently taken photos with the caption, “So Won, Lee Re and Ji Woo’s ‘2 nights and 3 days’ trip to Gapyeong. It was so precious, happy and beautiful”.

gal so won

The released pictures show child actresses Kal So Won, Lee Re and Kang Ji Woo spending a good time together on a trip. The fact that the three child actresses have grown into teenage girls surprised many netizens.

Source: Daum

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