Honey Lee: “I want to designate Park So Dam as a cultural asset”

Actress Honey Lee revealed her perfect acting chemistry with Park So Dam in the upcoming movie “Phantom”.

Honey Lee and Park So Dam shed tears at the press conference of “Phantom,” which was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall on the afternoon of Jan 11th. Director Lee Hae Young, who was watching them, also shed tears.

Honey Lee

Starring Honey Lee and Park So Dam, “Phantom” depicts the unstoppable operation of the real “ghost” and the struggle of people who are suspected of being spies planted by anti-Japanese organizations in Gyeongseong and Joseon in 1933.

Honey Lee

Honey Lee played the role of Park Cha Kyung in charge of correspondence and cryptography records of the Governor-General, while Park So Dam played the role of Yuriko, the governor-general’s secretary.

At the event, Honey Lee shed tears. She then explained in an interview about the meaning of her tears, saying, “Park So Dam was sick. I didn’t know at all when we film, and neither did the team. I felt sorry and sad that I didn’t know at that time,” she said.

Honey Lee

“We finally got to hold a production presentation and press preview a year after finishing the movie, and we met again after a long time. Rather than feeling happy to see her after a long time, I felt a lot of emotions I felt at the time of filming again,” she explained.

She also added, “It was not because I was sad, but because of the feelings after seeing So Dam returned.”

Honey Lee then laughed, saying, “I want to designate Park So Dam as a cultural asset. These actors should be protected for the culture of the Republic of Korea. I was surprised by how such strong acting came out of such a small body,” she praised.

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