NewJeans’ Hanni: One of the brightest gems among 4th gen rookie idols

As rookie girl group NewJeans take the world by storm, Hanni, the group’s only Southeast Asian member, started to draw attention. 

HYBE’s new girl group NewJeans became a hot topic immediately after debut, with each member boasting their own unique charms and color. Among them, the Vietnamese member Hanni is receiving a lot of attention due to her visuals, skills, and overwhelming determination. 

Hanni shows vast improvements as she debuted

Taking down the language barrier 

Hanni, whose real name is Pham Ngoc Han, was born in 2004. The female idol’s father came from Northern Vietnam, while her mother came from the South, but their whole family immigrated to Australia when Hanni was young. As she has no roots in Korea, many people expect Hanni to struggle with culture shocks and language barriers, but that’s far from the actual case. 

Hanni’s cute visuals when she was a child 

In fact, according to Hanni, she is better in Korean than in Vietnamese. She also possesses a bubbly and friendly personality, allowing her to easily mingle with her tem and communicate with them in Korean. 

Hanni speaks Korean well

Hanni also disclosed that she is most proficient in English, and since she mostly grew up in Australia, she only speaks Vietnamese with her parents and relatives. 

Hanni possesses a bubbly and friendly personality

Recently, the female idol has swayed hearts for being extremely cute as she tries speaking Vietnamese. While there was a noticeable accent, fans in Vietnam and the rest of the world alike showed their excitement. 

Hanni’s “clumsy” yet cute Vietnamese make fans adore her
The language barrier seems to be no issue to Hanni 

Showing vast improvements everyday 

Recently, fans brought up a video of Hanni in a dancing crew from 2019, before she debuted with NewJeans. However, in the video, Hanni was rather lacking in her dancing skills, with weak movements and little confidence. As she was a normal Kpop fan back then, Hanni did not possess a strong stage presence either. 

Before debut, Hanni’s skills were still lacking 

In 2020, Hannai was selected to become a trainee after surpassing the 2019 Plus Global Audition, and ever since, she has shown vast improvements. 

Hanni trained for 2 years before her debut 

At a fansign, the female idol told fans that to her, the most important element of dance is energy. Apparently, when she first started training, Hanni often received comments that her movements were weak and energy was low, so she worked hard to improve these areas and amplify her stage presence. 

In 2 years, Hanni has improved remarkably

A shining gem of Kpop 

Now, as a member of NewJeans, Hanni attracts a lot of fans, and often receives praise for her delivery in stage performances for “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, and “Cookie”. Her individual fancams all recorded numerous views from audiences both in and outside of Korea. 

Hanni receives a lot of love right after debut 
The female idol easily draws eyes when she’s on stage 

Hanni now exudes a strong set of techniques, presence, and confidence, to the point some people would mistake her for a main dancer (there’s no official position in NewJeans). In addition, the female idol also possesses a sweet and melodic voice that’s super pleasant to the ears.

In addition to music, Hanni’s potential for growth in fashion is also confirmed when recently, she officially became the youngest Gucci Ambassador. Hanni joined seniors such as IU, Kai (EXO), actress Shin Min Ah and “Squid Game” actor Lee Jung Jae to officially enroll in Gucci Gang.

Gucci shared in an exclusive statement to WWD: “Hanni’s fashion and music style truly reflect the brand’s own identity – respect for individuality and self-expression.”

Hanni boasts a sweet and melodic voice that’s super pleasant to the ears. 
As a member of NewJeans, Hanni receives a lot of love 

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