Writer Kim Eun-sook revealed her motivation for choosing Go as a crucial element in the series 

The writer, director and cast of “The Glory” gathered to give behind-the-scenes commentary. 

On the 6th, writer Kim Eun-sook, director Ahn Gil-ho along with the cast of “The Glory,” including Song Hye-kyo, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, and Lee Do-hyun appeared on Netflix Korea to give their commentary on the important scenes in the series. 

During the session, writer Kim Eun-sook gave her commentary on the scene where Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) and Ha Do-young (Jung Sung-il) met directly for the first time and played the board game Go together.

She said, “When I first saw this in the editing room, I screamed.” The scene on play was Dong-eun’s monologue that went, “When you play Go, you display your desires in silence. You seduce and get seduced. You strip each other bare. And if your opponent doesn’t reciprocate, it just becomes a game of Go.” 

the glory

The writer explained, “I used Go just to use that line. I wanted to create tension between those two. This scene does both perfectly.” 

the glory

In response to this crucial meetup in the series, Song Hye-kyo said, “We actors stay true to the script on the set. It took a very long time to film that.” She revealed that the filming actually took a lot of time since each move of Go was carefully captured to fully express the heightening tension. 

the glory

Director Ahn Gil-ho said, “What I told actor Jung Sung-il when I first met him was that I wanted him to become the ‘Tony Leung’ of Korea. While we were filming, I realized he really would become a great actor.” 

Source: wikitree

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