Ex-2NE1 Minzy’s new MV haven’t reached 40 thousands views after 6 hours, have the fans forgot her?

This surprising result raises questions from many.

At exactly 12h00 (KST) November 30th, 2NE1 ex-member Minzy officially returned to the Kpop scene with a brand new MV ‘All of You Say’. This is her comeback single after 1 year, and also the first collaboration with her new agency Music Works.

All of You Say is an English track packed with catchy tunes and the MV showcases energetic hip hop choreography. However, 6 hours after the release, Minzy’s new single only reached 40 thousands views, a surprisingly low number, on Youtube. After this situation, netizens begin to raise the question, “Have Blackjacks (2NE1’s fandom) forgotten about the group’s youngest member?”


Many are disappointed with this result of Minzy’s new MV. However, some has voiced out that Minzy or the fandom is not to be blamed. Minzy has disappeared from the Kpop scene for quite a while without a regular comeback. As a result, fans cannot catch up with her new activities if the agency doesn’t push their promote plan.

Also, 12h00 at noon in South Korea is not an ideal time to release a MV if she wants to reach a wide range of audience. And most importantly, the lyrics is written entirely in English. This will be a big disadvantage when this single is promote mostly in South Korea.


Eventhough this is quite a sad result for Minzy’s new MV, her fans are still optimistic, “As long as she’s back at the music scene then it’s fine with us.”

Have you watched Minzy’s new MV? What is your thought? Let us know in the comment.

Sources: Saostar

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