A married Japanese singer reportedly had an affair with a woman in her 20s and even forced her to get an abortion

Jun Utahiroba, a member of the famous Japanese band GOLDEN BOMBER, was revealed to had an affair.

Japanese media Weekly Moonchun reported that Jun Utahiroba of GOLDEN BOMBER had an affair with a woman in her 20s, causing a stir in public. Weekly Moonchun revealed the detailed affair process of Jun Utahiroba after conducting an interview with his affair partner – A.

Jun Utahiroba love affair

According to reports, Jun Utahiroba met A at a drinking party in January last year, and the two started their inappropriate relationship after then.

In particular, during her interview with Weekly Moonchun, A revealed a shocking detail that she got pregnant in February this year. Accordingly, Jun Utahiroba told her, “Although I’m nervous, I won’t run away or hide. I’ll stay by your side” when he first knew about her pregnancy. However, A was shocked when he later demanded her get an abortion, saying, “I hope you would get an abortion”. A reportedly had a miscarriage after 14 weeks of her pregnancy due to a rupture of amniotic fluid.

Jun Utahiroba is a married man who has just welcomed his second child in August. Because of this, many fans are shocked and disappointed by the report of Jun Utahiroba’s affair.

Jun Utahiroba love affair

After Weekly Moonchun published the news, Jun Utahiroba apologized through his SNS. He said, “I sincerely apologize for causing troubles and inconvenience to many people with my inappropriate action”. Then, he announced his suspension of activities and promise of self-reflection, saying, “As a person with a family, I’ feel embarrassed for my action that was against the social rules and ethics.”


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