Malicious comments towards VIVIZ Umji’s tribute of the late Moonbin and discomfort with 98-line surface 

Do netizens want to create another victim?

On May 1, VIVIZ’s Umji posted several photos with Moonbin. Among them, there were photos of Umji, SinB, Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN), and Moonbin, known as the 98-liners, posing happily together.

After Umji’s post was made public, there were attacks from malicious commenters claiming that the deceased is being used under the guise of “98-line friendship”, despite not knowing that Moonbin was going through a difficult time.

However, no one other than the parties involved knows what times and memories Moonbin and his friends shared. It is rude and beyond the line for a third party to judge and criticize their friendship. 

Moreover, no one has the right to take away the freedom of mourning and condolence from those who are known to have gone through various worries, pains, and growing pains together at a similar time.

Most of all, Moonbin’s friends are going through an incredibly hard time after he suddenly passed away. After the tragic event, Umji and SinB had to cancel parts of their American schedules, and Seungkwan decided to participate flexibly in SEVENTEEN’s Mini 10th album “FML” promotions.

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo has been said to be coping with significant emotional pain while maintaining regular schedules, including his trip to Thailand. 

In 2019, KARA’s Goo Hara passed away only a month after her close friend, f(x)’s Sulli, was found dead. Therefore, there is a significant concern about the rest of the 98-line friend group.

The sadness and pain of losing a close friend who had shared the ups and downs together are things that no one can imagine. It is a wound that will never be erased in a lifetime. What they need is enough time and comfort to mourn their friend.

Source: nate. 

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