Kim Soo-hyun Teams Up with ‘Stranger 2’ Director, Positively Considers New Drama ‘Knock Off’

The outline of Kim Soo-hyun's next project after “Queen of Tears” has been revealed

Kim Soo-hyun is positively considering appearing in the drama ‘Knock Off’ while collaborating with director Park Hyun-seok of ‘Stranger 2’.

According to OSEN’s report on the morning of March 21st, Kim Soo-hyun has recently received the script for the upcoming drama ‘Knock Off’ (working title) and is positively reviewing it with intentions to join the cast.

‘Knock Off’ belongs to the black comedy genre, with director Park Hyun-seok of tvN’s ‘Stranger’ Season 2 taking the helm. Kim Soo-hyun is set to meet viewers once again through an OTT platform following the 2021 Coupang Play series ‘One Ordinary Day’.

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Currently, Kim Soo-hyun is captivating audiences in the weekend drama ‘Queen of Tears’ as Baek Hyun-woo. The drama portrays the story of the thrilling crisis and miraculous rekindling of love between Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won), the queen of a Queens group conglomerate department store, and Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun), the son of a supermarket owner in Yongsan. 

The reunion of writer Park Ji-eun, known for the mega-hit ‘My Love from the Star’, and Kim Soo-hyun after 10 years garnered significant attention from the casting stage.

Episode 4 of ‘Queen of Tears’ recorded an average rating of 13.9% in the Seoul metropolitan area households, with a peak of 15%, and an average of 13% nationwide households, with a peak of 14%, setting a new personal best. 

Additionally, it secured the top spot in both the Seoul metropolitan area and nationwide, including all channels in the same time slot, including terrestrial broadcasters.

Furthermore, according to the global non-English category Top 10 series ranking announced by Netflix (as of March 11-17), ‘Queen of Tears’ ranked 3rd worldwide. This marks a climb of four steps from the previous week’s 7th place. The series is also making waves by topping the charts in the Japanese Netflix TV show category.

‘Knock Off’ is garnering high interest as the next drama of Kim Soo-hyun, as he is currently showcasing the qualities of a ‘Hallyu King’ through ‘Queen of Tears’.

Source: naver

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