On-screen mother and child who are played by similar-aged Asian actors: one couple was even born in the same year

These Asian actors and actresses play mothers and sons in TV dramas, despite their tiny age gaps. 

Song Il Kook – Oh Yeon Soo

In the iconic historical drama “Jumong”, actress Oh Yeon Soo transforms into the mother of actor Song Il Kook’s character. With appropriate styling and makeup, Oh Yeon Seo appears much older, so most K-drama fans will be surprised at the two’s age gap. In fact, Oh Yeon Soo and Song Il Kook were both born in 1971, and so had great difficulty in changing how they address each other for “Jumong”.

On-screen mother and child
Despite playing mother and son in “Jumong”, Oh Yeon Soo and Song Il Kook are same-aged friends.

Geum Bo Ra – Byun Woo Min

While having a child-parent relationship in “Temptation of Wife”, Geum Bo Ra and Byun Woo Min are actually 4 years apart in real life, with the former being born in 1961 and the latter in 1965. The two actually look very similar in age, so while “Temptation of Wife” aired, netizens often joked that Geum Bo Ra’s character must have spent a fortune on beauty procedures. 

According to some audiences, Geum Bo Ra and Byun Woo Min looked more like a couple than mother and son. 

Gan Ting Ting – Jiang Chao

In “The Legend of Kaifeng”, Gan Ting Ting plays the empress dowager to Jiang Chao’s emperor. However, Gan Ting Ting is often said to be too young for her role, as she looks the same age, if not even younger than Jiang Chao on the screen. Despite Gan Ting Ting playing Jiang Chao’s mother, she was actually born in 1986, only 5 years older than her on-screen son. 

Gan Ting Ting and Jiang Chao were said to resemble lovers more than mother and son

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