The solo activities of BTS Suga: “Solo plan? I have a lot on my mind these days, being a fan is a must”

Suga, a member of top idol group BTS, expressed his thoughts on his solo activities in the future.

Suga talked about his various stories in an interview on Weverse on Jun 16th.

Suga has been working as a member and producer of BTS while showing his various aspects through collaboration with various artists such as Psy, IU, HEIZE, Suran, Max, and Halsey. He has produced solo mix tapes “Agust D” and “D-2”.

The solo activities of BTS Suga

In the interview, Suga honestly talked about his music, growth as a producer, and challenges for the future. First, Suga briefly mentioned his solo career plan. “When releasing an album as Agust D, I think I should take the title songs and coupling song systems that groups usually do when they promote. I’ve shot two music videos. If one is a song that shows nothing but the visuals, the other is a song that requires more on listening to understand, that’s why I’ve been thinking a lot lately. What should I do. I’m working hard after ‘D-2’.”

Suga also wrapped up the interview by saying that he hopes his music activities will help his fans live with expectations and fun. “To a certain extent, I think being a fan is a must in life. I thought that I should be a fan of something, regardless of whether it’s about people or sports, but it’s added fun to life. Like waking up tomorrow morning and expecting an NBA game playoff, some people will be looking forward to my music and seeing me performing it. You have your life, but you don’t have a lot of expectations in life. Despite that, if you still like my music, I hope that it will be meaningful for you to look forward to my music when it comes out, and for my activities and tours and everything to make you feel excited.”

Source: Daum

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