“Boss in the Mirror”: Monika became a CEO earning 6 figures… “My income increased tenfold after Street Woman Fighter”

Dancer Monika will appear on “Boss in the Mirror”.

On the June 19th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Boss in the Mirror”, another financial treatment by Dr. Boss Yeo Esther will be unveiled. On this day, Yeo Esther held an in-house seminar that combines performance reports for each team of her company and hazing for new employees.

Boss in the Mirror

At the unique seminar that started with an elegant waltz music performance, Yeo Esther excited employees at the scene by giving a stiff bundle of 10,000 won new bills as an incentive. The cast members who watched the video said, “I feel good even when others receive money” and “It’s healing.”


However, Yeo Esther, who suddenly shed tears at the end of the event, confessed her innermost thoughts “There were times when I wanted to let go of my life”, raising curiosity about what happened to her. Meanwhile, Monika, who first appeared on “Boss in the Mirror” as a special MC, revealed how she became a CEO earning 6 figures, “My income increased tenfold after the dance competition.” 


In particular, Monika looked with curious eyes at the unique Esther-style leadership that cannot be found anywhere else and was deeply impressed by her extraordinary philosophy about money. Attention is being paid to the stories of female CEOs who each succeeded in their fields. CEO Yeo Esther’s financial treatment will be unveiled at 5 p.m. on KBS 2TV’s “Boss in the Mirror”.

Source: Daum

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