BTS Jimin and RM accidentally unveiled Jin’s dating life, fans suspected

Fans of the famous Kpop boy group BTS are suspecting that Jin is dating through the words and actions of Jimin and RM. 

BTS recently held their FESTA Dinner Party, an annual event where members sit, talk, and recall past memories on their group’s anniversary. Here, Jimin and RM might have made a slip of the tongue and accidentally revealed Jin’s romantic relationship.

In particular, BTS’s dorm contract has expired, leading to all 7 members living separately after 9 years of sharing the same space. As each new home was described,  RM suddenly described Jin’s place as a “newlywed house” that’s “all white and the place was bright”. 

RM compared Jin’s new living quarters as a “newlywed house” that “all white and the place was bright”

But things didn’t stop there, and Jimin’s reaction to these descriptions was what arose dating rumors about Jin. The male idol immediately chuckled and covered his face the moment “newlywed” was mentioned, even asking “How much of all this can we air?”, as if this were something supposedly secretive. 

Jimin’s reaction drew suspicions from netizens

A cut of RM and Jimin soon became viral across the net, with fans analyzing Jimin’s and drawing speculations about Jin’s supposed dating life and even intention for marriage. They also brought up the fact that Jin wanted to get married at 31, and that he’s now 30. Of course, there are mere assumptions, and should be taken with a grain of salt. 

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BTS Jin may be secretly dating?
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