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BamBam “Exempted from the Thai military through lottery, I was in group 2 because I was skinny”

BamBam revealed the story of being exempted from the Thai military.

MBC’s “Radio Star“, which aired on Jan 25th, featured “paper dolls” Kwanghee, Hwang Soo Kyung, Joo Woo Jae and BamBam.

BamBam said that his naked body was broadcast live. He then explained two ways to enlist in Thailand, “I took part in the military lottery. In Thailand. You have two choices. Lottery and volunteer enlistment. If you volunteer, it’s 1 year. If you take part in the military lottery, it’s 2 years.

Bambam Radio star

In a situation where you have to serve for one year if you volunteer and two years if you enlist through the lottery, the day BamBam took part in the military lottery was the day they recruited 80 out of 200 people.

BamBam shared, “I thought it would be private, but when I went in, there were reporters and fans. It was before I worked out. I was in group 2 because I was skinny back then. People in group 1 were selected first. Ahead of my lottery, the required number of recruits was achieved. I was exempted.” When Joo Woo Jae said, “You must have been happy yet ambiguous“, BamBam replied, “That’s right.

Bambam Radio star

BamBam is actually of military constitution. BamBam mentioned his appearance on the entertainment show “Real Men 2”, “The CBR (chemical, biological and radiological) training was fine. I tend to endure pain well.” In response, Kim Gu Ra suggested pulling sideburns. BamBam also endured sideburn pain and was recognized by Kim Gu Ra.

Source: Nate

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