K-netizens get into a debate over a food photo posted by Son Ye Jin 

Netizens can’t stop arguing over this photo of Son Ye Jin’s homemade soup. 

On July 11th, through her Instagram, Son Ye Jin showed off her sweet newlywed life with her husband Hyun Bin by sharing photos of various hearty dishes such as kimbap, stir fried anchovies, and hamburgers that she cooked herself.

On July 12th, on the Korean online community Theqoo, a post that shared a photo of a pot of soup previously posted by Son Ye Jin, became a hot topic of discussion among netizens, with more than 800 comments.

Korean netizens are arguing over whether the soup that Son Ye Jin cooked was spicy shredded beef soup with vegetables (Yukgaejang), a Daegu dish, since Son Ye Jin is from Daegu, or Gyeongsang-do style beef and radish soup. 

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This discussion started because Gyeongsang-do style beef and radish soup looks very similar to Yukgaejang. However, it differs from regular beef and radish soup with clear broth in that it adds more green onions, radishes and has red pepper powder.

The soup in Son Ye Jin’s photo has bracken and taro, making it look like Yukgaejang, but in Son Ye Jin’s hometown Daegu, beef and radish soup has both these ingredients.

Son Ye Jin

Netizens on Theqoo left comments:

  • There are too many ingredients for beef and radish soup. That’s Yukgaejang.
  • Looking at the shape of the beef, I can tell it’s beef and radish soup. 
  • That’s definitely beef and radish soup. I’m from Busan, and we sometimes put bracken in it too. 
  • I’m from Seoul and that looks like Yukgaejang to me. 
  • I’m from Gyeongsang-do. It looks like beef and radish stew though.
  • There’s bracken so it’s Yukgaejang. Daegu people put bracken in their beef soup.
  • Isn’t the beef in Yukgaejang supposed to be shredded? That’s beef and radish soup. 
  • There are dried radish leaves, bracken, and bean sprouts. That is totally beef and radish soup. 
  • I thought it was Yukgaejang at first but the meat is not shredded, so it’s beef and radish soup. 

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin married Hyun Bin in March of this year. After that, she received blessings from fans and the public when she announced her pregnancy last month.

Source: wikitree

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