Jungkook (BTS), #1 idol that would be great to join as a new employee at my company

Jungkook was selected as the #1 idol who would be perfect if he joined to work for company.


A survey has been conducted on the Idol Chart from August 9 to August 15, “Which idol do you think would the perfect one to join as a new employee of your company?” Jungkook has ranked #1 with 16,462 votes out of 45,925 votes.

The runner-up was RM (BTS) with 7,242 votes (approximately 16% of the vote). This was followed by Park Gun (4430 votes), AB6IX (3755), Jury (Rocket Punch) (2028 votes), Hong Ji-yoon (2007), BX Bae Jin Young (1806), Lee Seo Yeon (fromis_9) (1708 votes), Yoon Ji-sung (1613 votes), JR (NU’EST) (405 votes), Lee Moo-jin (894 votes), Lee Hong-ki (681 votes), D.O (EXO) (549 votes), and WINNER (472 votes).

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