Lisa (BLACKPINK) has shown her amazing dance skills when she covered Kick it (NCT 127), even was considered the best cover of Taeyong’s hip-shaking

Doing exactly the choreography of Kick It, Lisa has proven her amazing dancing skills.

Lisa is famous for being a top K-pop dance machine with impressive dancing skills.  Besides, she is also an extreme perfectionist and requires high precision in each dance move.  Especially after Lisa became a coach in Youth With You.  In the latest episode of Youth With You 3, Lisa instructed her contestants to dance to NCT 127’s Kick It, and once again, the maknae of BLACKPINK has proven her dancing ability.

Specifically, the most impressive highlight of Kick It’s choreography is the segment “new thangs”, which Taeyong has done extremely impressively.  Until now, few people can cover it as beautiful as the center of NCT.  However, after Lisa performed the choreography, she was praised for her careful study, clearly showing each movement from hand to shoulder and hip.

Sources: k14, Youtube

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