From Rosé to Suzy and HyunA: wardrobe mishaps and how they handled them like pros

Is it the fate of performers who dance on stage with vigorous choreography to experience daring wardrobe malfunctions? Here are some idols who went through such incidents.

Recently, a video titled “Rosé’s Close Call with a Major Wardrobe Malfunction during a Concert” was shared on an online community. 


In the video, Rosé was singing the chorus of “Hard to Love” when the strap of her halter neck dress suddenly came undone. Rosé then quickly turned her back to the audience while her dancer tied her the strap to prevent the dress from slipping off. Despite the close call, Rosé’s flawless performance impressed the audience.

Rosé is not the only one who has had a close encounter with a wardrobe mishap on stage. Back in 2014, Suzy faced a similar situation during an opening performance at an award show. 

While performing, the halter neck of Suzy’s dress suddenly became undone, risking a potential wardrobe malfunction. With great composure, Suzy tried to fix it by tying it back up during the performance, but it didn’t hold. 


In the end, Suzy had to hold on to her dress with one hand while performing the dance and song with the other hand.

At that moment, Suzy showed her professionalism and managed to finish the performance with natural facial expressions and gestures, impressing the audience with her professional attitude.

HyunA is another female idol who almost had a wardrobe malfunction during a college festival performance. During the song “How’s This?” on stage, the ribbon on her top came undone due to her vigorous dance moves. 


Without losing her cool, HyunA held her top while singing and straightened her outfit in the dark when the lights went off, handling the situation like a pro. Moreover, she shared the footage and photos of the performance on her Instagram, interacting with fans and receiving applause for her professionalism.

In a recent episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” rapper Bibi shared a similar incident that almost led to a wardrobe malfunction during the Water Bomb Festival. 


Bibi said, “I took off my T-shirt, and the strap came off. I was in big trouble. I usually don’t put on stickers, but the staff insisted on putting them on that day. So I said, ‘OK, let’s put them on,’ and fixed my bikini with stickers. But they all came off when they got wet, and only the front of the sticker remained. If it had been exposed, I would have been ridiculed on the internet.

Source: Nate

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