Lim Seo Won, a “Jang Won Young look-alike”, covered “After Like” perfectly

Singer Lim Seo Won, who was born in 2011, earned the nickname “Jang Won Young look-alike” after appearing on “Miss Trot 2”.

Lim Seo Won, who previously participated in “Miss Trot 2”, recently delivered a perfect cover of IVE’s “After Like” in the TV Chosun program “The Country Calls”. 

In particular, the singer appeared on the broadcast while wearing a yellow jacket and matching skirt. At the same time, she showed off a “hip” charm by wearing loose socks and a headband.

Then, Lim Seo Won blew the crowd away with her explosive vocals, which remained stable despite her bouncing choreography. On top of that, her facial expression was also on point, adding to the completeness of the stage. 

Jang Won Young

On the other hand, Lim Seo Won previously earned the title of “Jang Won Young look-alike” after appearing on “Miss Trot 2”. Now, while covering “After Like”, her beautiful visuals still resemble that of Jang Won Young, and her loveliness draws praises from many. 

Netizens who watched the stage also could not hold back their awe, and left comments such as, “I’m looking forward to seeing her in the future” and “I can’t believe her beauty and skills have already been this perfect”.

Jang Won Young

Meanwhile, Lim Seo Won is currently appearing on the YouTube channel “Lim Seo Won’s Drawing Diary”, where she actively communicates with viewers.

Source: Insight 

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