Kim Sae Ron’s part-time job photos were taken when she came to play, partied with famous BJ during self-reflection

On March 14th, a video titled “The truth behind Kim Sae Ron’s part-time job! How much is Kim Sae Ron’s wealth?” was uploaded on the YouTube channel of former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho.

In the video, Lee Jin Ho first talked about Kim Sae Ron‘s recent controversial part-time job photos.

Lee Jin Ho said, “Kim Sae Ron may have worked part-time elsewhere, but it’s true that she didn’t work part-time at that company. I directly confirmed it with the store owner.

He continued, “An actor friend who worked with Kim Sae Ron in the past worked part-time at that branch, and Kim Sae Ron only came to play once. The photos seem to have been taken at that time. However, it’s difficult to confirm the exact timing.

In addition, Lee Jin Ho, who revealed that Kim Sae Ron had a drinking party at a famous BJ’s house in the same month as her drunk-driving accident, said, “Overall, it remains a question whether Kim Sae Ron really reflected on herself.

Regarding Kim Sae Ron’s legal fee, Lee Jin Ho shared, “In the case of a top 10 law firm, the fee is usually 10 million won for detectives, 10 million won for prosecutors, and 10 million won for the first trial. There’s a controversy over whether at least 30 million won was spent. However, I heard that Kim Sae Ron would have spent up to 50 million won because celebrities’ cases are a little more complicated.

Lee Jin Ho

Regarding the fact that Kim Sae Ron showed an opposite side compared to her image as a child actress, Lee Jin Ho confessed, “Kim Sae Ron became independent after becoming an adult. As she lived separately from her mother, she became ‘a horse without reins’. According to an acquaintance who knows Kim Sae Ron well, Kim Sae Ron is the type to relieve stress with alcohol. Therefore, she caused a drunk-driving accident, and she still can’t stop drinking even after the accident.

Source: Nate

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