“Lee Seung Gi’s teacher” Lee Sun Hee faces a crisis… Her private company is undergoing a tax investigation

Hook Entertainment is subject to a tax investigation.

On February 21st, Aju News reported, “In mid-January, Seoul Regional Tax Office sent agents from investigative division 2 to Hook Entertainment to start an intensive tax investigation”. In this regard, Aju News tried to contact Hook but the agency did not answer.


The National Tax Service has also launched a tax investigation into Hook Entertainment and One Entertainment, where Lee Sun Hee is listed as a CEO.

Established in 2013, One Entertainment has been Lee Sun Hee’s private company since August last year.

One Entertainment’s main businesses are performance planning and music copyrights. Lee Sun Hee’s daughter Yoon and Hook’s CEO Kwon Jin Young are known to have been listed as in-house directors at this company.

lee seung gi

Yoon and CEO Kwon resigned from their positions in January 2019 and mid-2022, respectively.

Earlier, Hook Entertainment was embroiled in a dispute with its former artist Lee Seung Gi. Accordingly, Lee Seung Gi revealed that Hook did not pay him the amount of revenue from his music activities for the past 18 years.

In the process, suspicion of CEO Kwon Jin Young using Hook’s corporate card for personal uses also arose.


Lee Sun Hee has a special relationship with Lee Seung Gi as she is called “Lee Seung Gi’s teacher”. However, she has not made any comment on the conflict between Hook and her student.

Source: Wikitree

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