Lee Seung-gi’s Return As “Sing Again 3” MC Receives Divided Responses From Netizens

Amid US concert controversies, singer-actor Lee Seung-gi announces his comeback as “Sing Again 3” MC

On September 26th, JTBC released on its channel a video titled “[MC Teaser] The only difference in Sing Again, comfort and warmth in competition! <Sing Again 3> MC Lee Seung-gi”.

Returning to the show as an MC following the previous season, Lee Seung-gi said, “The brand ‘Sing Again’ has something different”.

lee seung gi

He continued, “It’s hard to clearly explain what it is. The reason ‘Sing Again’ is still highly anticipated even when it reaches Season 3 is that there is comfort and warmth in the fierce competition”.

Lee Seung-gi added, “Since people who come to this show desperately want to showcase their talents, we’re also ready to make each and every one of them go beyond being unknown and become famous singers. I hope such synergy will occur”, conveying his wish.

Watching the teaser, many netizens complained, “Is there no one to replace Lee Seung-gi?”, “Isn’t this against the purpose of this program, which is to give desperate people another opportunity?… The son-in-law who turned his back on desperate people to be an MC…”, “The staff is not aware of public opinion these days?”, etc.

lee seung gi

However, some showed different opinions, such as “I trust him. Can’t wait to see Lee Seung-gi as an MC again”, “Lee Seung-gi is really the symbol of ‘Sing Again’”, “He didn’t do anything wrong but still gets criticized… Lee Seung-gi fighting”, etc.

In fact, Lee Seung-gi’s MC appearance received mixed reactions due to the recent controversies related to his concert in the US. Previously, Lee Seung-gi also faced a backlash when he married actress Lee Da-in, the daughter of an economic criminal who committed stock price manipulation.

JTBC’s “Sing Again 3” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on October 26th.

Source: Nate

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