Jo In-sung and Kim Woo-bin were surprised by the endless dishwashing: “This is hell, these guys, really”

Kim Woo-bin and Jo In-sung were stunned by the enormous amount of dishes that need to be washed on “Boss By Chance 2”.

tvN’s “Boss By Chance 2,” which aired on March 10, depicts the owners and part-timers of the supermarket serving lunch courses on the second day of business.

jo in seong

Kim Woo-bin, who actively washed the dishes in a rush of orders, was shocked to see the dishes piled up again in less than 30 minutes. When Kim Woo-bin said, “I think I washed everything just now thou,” Jo In-sung replied, “I don’t know.”

jo in seong kim woo bin

Kim Woo-bin denied the reality, saying, “I think something is wrong.” Accordingly, Jo In-sung said, “Dishwashing is hell. This is a mystery. Why doesn’t the amount of dishes decrease? No matter how many times I wash it, it won’t end,” he said with an empty laugh.

jo in seong kim woo bin

Kim Woo-bin let out an unexpected joke, saying, “These guys, really.”

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