Lee Seung Gi’s official website was suspended a day after the actor sent a contract termination notice to HOOK

The official website of singer-actor Lee Seung Gi has been closed.

On December 2nd, Lee Seung Gi’s official website only shows the notice “Web Hosting Expired”. Information or existing profiles and photos of Lee Seung Gi can no longer be found on the website.

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Lee Seung Gi’s official website has disappeared without a trace, leaving only a notice of website recovery extension due to the expired web hosting. 

Shocked by the news, Lee Seung Gi’s fans reacted, “The website expired a day after Lee Seung Gi sent HOOK Entertainment a request for the termination of his exclusive contract?”.

Earlier on December 1st, an official from Lee Seung Gi’s side said to Star News, “Lee Seung Gi’s side recently sent a notice of exclusive contract termination to HOOK Entertainment”. A day later, Lee Seung Gi’s official website disappeared.

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Lee Seung Gi is in dispute with his agency HOOK. According to Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative on November 24th last month, Lee Seung Gi sent a content certification to HOOK claiming that he had not received any settlement for his music revenue since debut. Lee Seung Gi also asked HOOK to disclose details of sales and payments related to his entertainment activities. It is said that Lee Seung Gi released a total of 137 songs in 18 years, which is estimated to have generated a profit of around 9.6 billion won, but received 0 won in music revenue settlement from HOOK.

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In response, HOOK said, “We are reviewing the settlement details of the considerable amount of profits we paid to Lee Seung Gi once again with experts”, adding “The claim that Lee Seung Gi has never received any payment for his music activities is not true at all. If there is anything wrong with our management, we will immediately correct it and take responsibility.”

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While Lee Seung Gi and HOOK expressed different positions, netizens raised more suspicions as CEO Kwon Jin Young was exposed to have used HOOK’s corporate card for personal purposes. In this regard, CEO Kwon apologized on November 30th, saying “I will dispose of my personal property and take responsibility without avoiding.”

Source: Daum

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