Besides Son Ye-jin, another actress announced her marriage to be held in March

Chae Joo-hwa, former member of the the group Hello Venus, recently announced her marriage and drew attention by releasing her wedding pictorial

Chae Joo-hwa posted a photo on her Instagram on February 11th with a caption saying, “Hello, the bride of March sends her greetings.”

The released photo shows Chae Joo-hwa posing in an off-shoulder dress that reveals her shoulder line. The actress caught fans’ eyes by showing off her bride-to-be appearance with an elegant aura.

In particular, she boasted her superior visuals with her small face and outstanding facial features, drawing admiration.

Internet users who saw the picture made comments on Chae Joo-hwa’s Instagram, saying “The dress is perfect,” “She’s so pretty,” and “Wow, awesome. You’re really the prettiest bride in the world.” “You’re so beautiful,” “Her visuals are crazy,” and “She’s so beautiful that I don’t want to let her go.”

chae joo hwa

Earlier in March, Chae Joo-hwa announced that she would marry her businessman boyfriend who is 10 years older, and received a lot of congratulations. She caught the eyes of the public after revealing that she met the groom through the introduction of a close friend.

Meanwhile, Chae Joo-hwa, born in 1993, and 29 years old this year, debuted in the entertainment industry as a Hello Venus member in 2012. Since then, she has released good songs such as “Venus,” “What are you doing today?” “Do you want some tea?” and “Wiggle Wiggle.”

chae joo hwa

After working under the name Lime, she changed her name to Chae Joo-hwa to become an actress after the group disbanded in 2019.

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