Self-producing idols of Kpop groups: All 7 BTS members are recognized, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé draw mixed reactions 

Here are the idols who are credited for their own music (ft. reactions of K-netizens) 

More and more Kpop groups have members involved in the production of their songs, no longer leaving everything to the producers as before. Recently, Korean netizens on Pann have listed idols who directly produce or contribute to the production of their music. It can be seen that the majority of this list are boy groups’ members. 

Boy groups


BTS is a rare Kpop group where all members are involved in music production. RM, j-hope and SUGA are known as the aces who are in charge of writing BTS’s songs. The rapper trio has contributed significantly to shaping the musical identity of BTS. Currently, RM is the runner-up in KOMCA’s list of idols who own the most song copyrights, while SUGA ranks 9th and j-hope ranks 12th.

SUGA, j-hope, and RM have been BTS’s “pillars” of songwriting since debut until now

Over time, the remaining members also became more involved in the songwriting process. The whole group’s contribution is seen more clearly through the album BE (2020) as 7 members were present at all stages of production. Moreover, BTS’s vocal-line also took part in producing their solo tracks, which were released for free and received positive responses such as Abyss (Jin), Snow Flower (V), Promise (Jimin). or Still With You (Jungkook),…

All 7 members of BTS participated in the production of the album BE
Abyss – Jin (BTS)
Snow Flower – V feat. Peakboy
Promise – Jimin (BTS)
Still With You – Jungkook (BTS)

Mark and Taeyong (NCT)

Mark and Taeyong are the two NCT’s core members who often contribute to the group’s music, mainly in writing lyrics. Some well-known songs they participated in are The 7th Sense, Cherry Bomb, Firetruck,…

The 7th Sense MV – NCT U
Cherry Bomb MV – NCT 127

As of early 2022, Mark has 52 songs under his name and ranks 64th on KOMCA’s list, while Taeyong ranks 92nd with 39 songs. This proves the talent of the 2 aces of NCT, showing that they have great potential to go far in their journey as producers.

nct taeyong
nct mark
… and Mark have contributed a lot to NCT’s music

Bang Chan, Changbin, Han (Stray Kids)

Bang Chan, Changbin and Han, commonly known as 3RACHA, are the main producers for most of Stray Kids’ songs. Some famous songs, playing an important role in the success of JYP’s boy groups such as God’s Menu, Back Door, etc., were all composed and written by 3RACHA.

God’s Menu MV – Stray Kids

Notably, although Stray Kids is a 4th generation idol group, Bang Chan has managed to rank 15th in the Top idols with the most music copyrights, followed by Changbin (20th) and Han (23rd).

3RACHA is the main producers, contributing greatly to the popularity of Stray Kids

Hongjoong and Mingi (ATEEZ)

Hongjoong and Mingi are the duo of rappers who often make music for ATEEZ. Before debut, Hongjoong wrote and composed 40 songs. After officially debuting, he has continued to participate in the production of almost all the songs that ATEEZ released. Meanwhile, Mingi always writes his own rap in the group’s songs.

Hongjoong is credited for almost all of ATEEZ’s songs
Mingi contributes in writing the rap lyrics

Hongjoong is currently has 66 songs under his name and ranks 42nd in KOMCA’s list. Following him is Mingi at 49th place with 62 songs.

Deja Vu MV – ATEEZ

Girl groups

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Soyeon is not only a successful idol but also recognized as a talented producer. She participated in composing all the songs that (G)I-DLE released since debut until now, so Soyeon is basically responsible for shaping the group’s musical style. The songs that Soyeon produced such as LATATA, Oh My God, HWAA, etc. were all well-received and helped (G)I-DLE rise to fame.

Oh My God MV – (G)I-DLE

In the chart of KOMCA, the leader of (G)I-DLE ranks 55th with 57 songs, including both group and solo songs. Soyeon is also a rare female idol on this list.

Soyeon is the talented producer and songwriter of (G)I-DLE

Jennie and Rosé (BLACKPINK)

Jennie and Rosé started their songwriting journey later than many other idols, and the number of songs with their names in the credits is not many. Up to now, Jennie has only participated in composing and writing the lyrics of “Lovesick Girls” that BLACKPINK released in October 2020.

Jennie was credited as the lyricist and composer for “Lovesick Girls”
Lovesick Girls MV – BLACKPINK

As for Rosé, unfortunately, she has not had the opportunity to contribute to the group’s music. However, the female idol wrote the lyrics for “On The Ground” and “Gone“. These are the 2 songs on Rosé’s first single album -R- Rosé released in March 2021

Rosé wrote the lyrics of both her solo songs
On The Ground MV – Rosé

Besides the above names, many netizens also added some other outstanding self-producing idols such as Woozi (SEVENTEEN), Hyunsik, Minhyuk (BTOB), Hui, Wooseok and Kino (PENTAGON) or Seungyoon, Mino (WINNER),… 

Woozi is the lead producer of SEVENTEEN’s music. He won Best Producer at the AAA Awards 2021.
Hyunsik, Minhyuk (BTOB)
Hyunsik, Minhyuk (BTOB) are also famous for their composing talent
Hui, Wooseok, and Kino
Hui, Wooseok, and Kino are in charge of writing PENTAGON’s songs
Mino and Seungyoon
Mino and Seungyoon are the duo of producers for WINNER

In the comments, Jennie and Rosé drew mixed reactions from some Korean netizens even though they were 2 of the 3 female idols listed in the original post. It’s because Jennie only participated in writing lyrics and writing one song, Rosé was only credited for writing lyrics for her solo. Compared to other female idols like Soyeon or LE (EXID), Moonbyul (MAMAMOO),… their contributions are way too humble. Some netizens even say that all BLACKPINK songs so far have been produced by Teddy and other YG producers, thereby questioning the appearance of the two BLACKPINK members in this list.

Jennie and Rosé
Jennie and Rosé draw mixed reactions for entering this list because the number of songs they participated in producing is too little 

Some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • SEVENTEEN’s Woozi should be included too
  • Im Hyunsik, BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk too.
  • You forgot BTOB Hyunsik and Minhyuk.
  • The only female idol I acknowledge is Jeon Soyeon, why are Jennie and Rosé here?
  • Aren’t all BLACKPINK songs produced by Teddy?
  • Add Hui, Wooseok and Kino of PENTAGON.
  • WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon, Song Mino too.

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