Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In, newlywed couple whose everything is “hot”

Newlywed couple Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s every move is attracting public attention every day.

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In admitted their romantic relationship in May 2021. At that time, the two were caught dating in Sokcho, Gangwon-do. As Lee Seung Gi was also seen introducing Lee Da In to his grandmother, dating rumors and marriage rumors were raised together. In addition, the fact that Lee Seung Gi purchased a detached house in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul lent support to marriage rumors.

lee seung gi lee da in

At that time, Lee Seung Gi’s side denied marriage rumors. Afterwards, fans did truck protests in front of Lee Seung Gi’s home in Seongbuk-dong in opposition to Lee Seung Gi’s romantic relationship. The two suffered from various rumors and speculations. Breakup rumors were raised after 3 months of public dating, but both sides did not reveal any position.

As such, the “spotlight” of the two, who drew such keen attention from the dating process, continued even after the marriage announcement. Last February, Lee Seung Gi posted on his fan cafe, “Today, I want to tell you about the most important decision I’ve made in my life. I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life with my beloved girlfriend Lee Da In as ‘husband and wife’ rather than lovers.”

lee seung gi lee da in

Then, rumors of Lee Da In’s mother Kyeon Mi Ri and her father’s stock price manipulation, premarital pregnancy and controversy over PPL at the wedding appeared one after another.

Lee Seung Gi eventually expressed his feelings at the pouring fake news. Last April, after the wedding, he wrote on his SNS, “I’ve lived as a celebrity for 20 years. I’ve never said something with emotions like this. I felt intimidated by fake news and malicious comments.”

lee seung gi lee da in

Did Lee Seung Gi’s sincere appeal reach the public? Currently, people are paying interest in the two’s “lovey-dovey” newlywed life. Recently, they posted dating photos through their respective SNS accounts, and on August 23rd, some spaces that appeared to be their matrimonial home were revealed through photos, drawing attention. About 4 months after marriage. We hope that affectionate interest towards this “star couple” will continue.

Meanwhile, Lee Da In recently returned to the small screen by starring in MBC’s new drama “My Dearest”. Lee Seung Gi recently appeared in SBS’ “Strong Heart League”, TV Chosun’s “Brother Ramyeon” and TVING’s “Bro & Marble”.

Source: Nate

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