Kim Go-eun on her knees in the latest update… Preparations did not seem to go well

Actress Kim Go-eun seemed to have broken down in the middle of preparing for the fan meeting.

On the 13th, Kim Go-eun posted a photo on her Instagram with a caption, “Sigh…”

In the photo, the actress is seen crying with her face covered and on her knees. She was wearing jeans, a white T-shirt and a purple hat.

Kim Go-eun

Kim Go-eun is currently preparing for her fan-meet “Go Eun Day: come in closer”. With this newly posted photo of her shedding tears, it was as if the preparation stage did not go well.

Recently, Kim Go-eun bid farewell to “Little Women” as the series reached its finale and is holding a fan meeting “Go Eun Day” in celebration of her 10th anniversary on the 15th.

Source: nate

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