This September.. Former Lovelyz member Kei announced some sad news 

The current agency of former Lovelyz member Kei announced the termination of her contract.

On September 27th, Palm Tree Island, the current agency of former Lovelyz member Kei, announced that the female idol has terminated her exclusive contract with them after 9 months. 


In particular, the company published an announcement which said: 


This is Palm Tree Island.

Palm Tree Island and Kei will terminate our exclusive contract at the end of September 2022.

After a long and careful discussion, our company and the artist Kei decided to support each other’s future at their respective positions, and in the future, Kei will greet you in various fields, including music activities.

Even though the work we do together is over, we will sincerely support Kei’s future activities and movements.

Thank you.”

Kei previously signed an exclusive contract with Palm Tree Island in January, after the disbandment of her former group Lovelyz in 2021. 

Palm Tree Island is an entertainment company founded by singer and musical actor Kim Junsu, and is currently managing music actors and actresses Kim So Hyun, Jeong Seon Ah, Jin Tae Hwa, and more. 

lovelyz kei

On the other hand, Kei is scheduled to appear in Mnet’s new music entertainment program “Artistak Game” (literal translation) on October 3rd.

Source: Wikitree

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