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Prime Kingz, “Controversy over the judgment on ‘Street Man Fighter’? We joined the show knowing the rules”

Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”, which captures the fierce competition of professional dancers, is gaining so much attention as it has even topped the hot topic ranking for 4 consecutive weeks.

Announcing Prime Kingz as the first crew to be eliminated on the show, judge BoA said, “I feel like watching a tricky situation that I couldn’t even smile”. Prime Kingz is a six-member dance crew led by Trix. The team has shown its unique color by dealing with krumping as its main genre. With many “battlers”, who are strong in dance battles, presenting outstanding performances from the beginning of “Street Man Fighter”, Prime Kingz emerged as a strong candidate for the champion. The crew failed to show off their strengths when given the unfamiliar Choreography Mission and faced elimination.

Street Man Fighter

The members of Prime Kingz shed tears and showed their sensitive side for the first time during their journey with “Street Man Fighter”. Leader Trix shared, “I laughed, practiced with my team members, and had many happy moments during the one and a half month preparing for ‘Street Man Fighter’. Thank you so much”, drawing applause from other dancers. 

Street Man Fighter

Even after being eliminated, Prime Kingz are still showing their affection and support for dancing and “Street Man Fighter” by releasing the video for the Mega Crew Mission that they worked very hard to prepare. Through a video interview with Prime Kingz on September 27th, various talks, such as their feelings about participating in “Street Man Fighter”, behind-the-scenes stories, and their passion for dancing, have also been revealed.

– What is the most memorable commentary?

Street Man Fighter

▶ (Counter) I remember them saying about our crew during the global K-dance mission as a “crew which knows how to perform”.

– After Prime Kingz was eliminated, the impact was so big that a “judgment controversy” arose. We’re curious about your opinion on the formation of fight judges without a dancer.

Street Man Fighter

▶ (Knucks) We joined the show knowing the rules and tried to prove the value of the team. No matter what the result is, I want to accept it and work harder in the future to show wonderful sides.

▶ (Trix) I think dance crews, fight judges and MCs all did their best in their positions. Please cheer for everyone for the rest of the show.

Street Man Fighter

There were many viewers who were disappointed that Prime Kingz was eliminated.

▶ (Trix) It’s a pity that I couldn’t show you more through “Street Man Fighter”, but I accept the result cleanly. I have no regrets because I showed you the legend until the end. Please support the remaining seven crews, fight judges and MCs.

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