G-Dragon’s ex-girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara is criticized for everything, this time is stepping on chairs

Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara has been criticized for stepping on chairs with her shoes on.

On May 31, Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported that Kiko Mizuhara is under criticism for uploading a video of her walking with her shoes on the chairs installed in a public place.

G-Dragon’s ex-girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara
G-Dragon’s ex-girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara

The short-length video uploaded by Kiko Mizuhara showed her walking on four chairs in a park. The video ends with a bright smile from Kiko Mizuhara jumping out of the chairs.

Along with the video, she posted a message: “We are all stars in our lives, our own movies, our own stories, our own SNS, our own channels.

It was a message that delivered positive energy, but the reactions from Japanese netizens were negative. “You’re stepping on chairs with shoes on? You’re not even a kid”, “It’s cute, but I can’t believe you’re wearing your shoes. If you’re a celebrity, you should think thoroughly.” “Why doesn’t she think about who will sit next?“, the netizens commented.

Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara was famous for her romantic relationship with Big Bang‘s G-Dragon in the past.

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