ITZY Lia’s OST for “The Red Sleeve” suddenly got cut off: The aftermath of the school bullying scandal?

Lia (ITZY) sang the OST for the hit drama “The Red Sleeve”, but the song did not appear on the broadcast.

At the beginning of the year, ITZY‘s fandom had a “troublesome” problem. Previously, fans were very excited when Lia participated in the OST for the popular TV series “The Red Sleeve“. As planned, the OST “I’ll Light You Up Like A Star” would have been played in the final episode that aired on January 1.

However, when the last episode was broadcast, ITZY’s fans were extremely surprised and disappointed that Lia’s OST did not come out. This song will be released only on online music streaming platforms on January 3. Even Lia watched the finale to wait for her OST, but the ending was “bitter” for both Lia and ITZY’s fandom.

Fans are getting upset, claiming that Lia was treated unfairly maybe because of her school bullying controversy last year. This is the only reason why the female idol’s OST was cut off even though it was planned to appear in the last episode. Fans felt even more sorry for Lia as she and her mother were excited to watch the drama but ended up receiving harsh treatment.

Lia OST The Red Sleeve

As if understanding the fans’ feelings, Lia shared on Bubble after the last episode of The Red Sleeve ended, “It’s sad that the song wasn’t released, but I feel lucky when I got the chance to sing an OST for the first time. I will work even harder to appear in more good songs, and be able to sing for you in the future.”

Lia OST The Red Sleeve
Lia OST The Red Sleeve

On Twitter, fans are calling for trending keywords “WE ARE PROUD OF LIA”, “LiaDeservesBetter” and leaving supportive comments for Lia.  Fans think that JYP needs to take action to protect the company’s artists.  When giving Lia the opportunity to perform the OST, this song must definitely be on the air.  The fact that the drama cut off Lia’s OST at the last minute is considered “unusual”, so the station needs to give a clear explanation.

Lia OST The Red Sleeve
Is Lia being treated with disrespect because of the school bullying scandal?

Some netizens’ comment:

  • Lia had been looking forward to this project.  Poor Lia.
  • Why did they treat her so unfairly?
  • Is it because of the school bullying controversy?  This case has not been finalized yet.
  • How much did Lia expect from this song?  Poor her
Lia OST The Red Sleeve
In the summer of 2021, an anonymous post accused Lia of being a school bully.  After that, JYP filed a lawsuit against Lia’s accuser, but the police rejected the lawsuit because this person did not slander, but just told the old story from his/her own point of view.  As of now, the case has not come to a definite conclusion


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