Lee Se Young: became an actress because of a weird reason and a famous beauty after 20 years

Started as a child actress for an unexpected reason, but this beauty still achieved remarkable achievements, resonating with 2 famous movies in turn such as ‘Jewel in the Palace’, ‘A Korean Odyssey’.

Lee Se Young is one of the brightest gems of the Korean film industry. Her career flourished like a kite in the wind after the “fever” ‘A Korean Odyssey’. When herr name received a lot of attention, the audience realized that she used to be a famous child actress in the movie ‘Jewel In The Palace’.

But the opportunity to bring the actress born in 1992 to acting field is extremely interesting. It turned out that, out of fear of their pretty daughter being kidnapped, Lee Se Young’s parents let their daughter act in a movie, hoping that when she’s famous, more people will recognize her and find it easier if there’s an unfortunate situation.

Joining the acting field because her parents were afraid of her being kidnapped

Before participating in the movie “Jewel In The Palace” in 2003, Lee Se Young participated in 18 television works. At the age of 11, Lee Se Young became one of the most promising child actors. Such a smooth start, but the fate that brought her to acting surprised many people.

Lee Se Young is fortunate that since childhood, she has had an outstanding appearance. Her face is too beautiful but her physical strength is extremely weak. At that time, many cases of child abduction took place in Korea, the most shocking was the case of ” the 9 frog boys”. Because she was so worried about her daughter, her mother had a thought that seemed absurd but very reasonable.

It was the decision for Lee Se Young to enter the entertainment industry, with the meaning that if the girl’s face was known to many people, she would be recognized by many people in a bad situation. Lee Se Young officially became a child actress with her first movie ‘The Brother’s River’. Looking back at Lee Se Young’s successes, many people have to nod their heads to praise the foresight of her parents.

Possessing a beautiful face, Lee Se Young at that time was highly appreciated and expected to become a prominent beauty in the future. The role in the “national drama” Dae Jang Geum made Lee Se Young one of the most famous child stars.

There was a time when her beauty went downhill….

Lee Se Young’s childhood beauty is highly appreciated among child actors. She has a beautiful face with large, alert eyes and impressive lines. However, the older she gets, the more Lee Se Young is eclipsed in appearance. Lee Se Young used to have a long time of fading because of her beautiful face but there’s no charisma. Because of this, she was not appreciated like many other beauties.

The older she gets, the less Lee Se Young takes care of her appearance. During puberty, the actress’s beauty and charisma were not as prominent as expected
Despite her inherent beauty, she is nonetheless overlooked due of her unimpressive aura. This also made Lee Se Young’s career go down a lot, not as famous as when she was a child

Regain breathtaking beauty, become a phenomenon thanks to… gorgeous hourglass body

After a period, Lee Se Young gradually returned to the peak of beauty thanks to working hard at the gym to improve her physique and take care of her image. The actress shocked the netizens many times because of her beauty and transformation on the screen, especially when she caused a storm with the movie ’A Korean Odyssey’, playing with Lee Seung Gi. She made the SNS swoon because of her hourglass body. Who would have thought that from here, this actress rose to fame, rose to prominence and almost changed her life overnight thanks to a series of past photos with a “chubbier” body. Now, Lee Se Young has become a familiar and sought-after face on the Korean screen.

Lee Se Young comes back with a more attractive appearance thanks to taking care of her image and working out to improve her body
… attracted attention no less than the male lead Lee Seung Gi


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