Lee Min Ho is among the most influential actors in 2022, along with Tom Holland and BTS’s J-Hope?

Lee Min Ho recently appeared in the list of Top Cinema & Actors/Actresses Influencers in 2022 worldwide. 

Lee Min Ho’s latest series “Pachinko” just finished airing with 8 episodes and left lots of lingering feelings in fans around the world. In this Apple TV+’s project, Lee Min Ho has proven himself as a capable actor, having completely changed his image compared to his old K-dramas. 

Lee Min-ho-Pachinko

Following the series, the site Influencer Market Hub dropped their list for the Top Cinema & Actors/Actresses Influencers in 2022, and Lee Min Ho has made the Top 10. Along with him are various other famous names such as Tom Holland, Jennifer Lopez, The Rock, and J-Hope from BTS. 

Kim Min Ha

This ranking is formed to find the most influential personalities to the world’s cinematic industry, both directly and indirectly, as of May 2022. It is calculated using the number of Instagram followers, Engagement Rate, and Authentic Engagement. 

Lee Min Ho

According to the list, Lee Min Ho ranked 9th with over 29 million followers on his personal Instagram. His Engagement Rate amounted to 12.82%, and Authentic Engagement was 2.9 million interactions. 

Lee Min-ho-Pachinko

After the success of “Pachinko”, it is pretty much expected that Lee Min Ho will appear on world’s rankings, which has been proven via this first accomplishment. 

Lee Min Ho and the main cast of “Pachinko”

At the news, fans of the actor have been overjoyed, even mocking those who used to criticize Lee Min Ho’s acting skills. However, others believe that this is just the first stepping stone, and Lee Min Ho needs to improve further with more complex and successful roles. 

pachinko - thumbnail

Recently, there have been rumors that the actor will continue to appear in “Pachinko” season 2. Hopefully, the series will boost his popularity further on international grounds. Let’s expect to see him in other future series as well! 

Full list of Top Cinema & Actors/actresses Influencers in 2022 is as follows: 

1. Tom Holland (UK)

2. BTS’s J-Hope (South Korea)

3. Jennifer Lopez (US)

4. The Rock (US)

5. Alia Bhatt (India)

6. Ester (Spain)

7. Chris Hemsworth (US)

8. Robert Downey Jr. (US)

9. Lee Min Ho (Korea)

10. Akshay Kumar (India)


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