Hyun Bin is being “blacklisted” in Japan due to his role in a new movie?

After “Crash Landing on You”, Hyun Bin gained massive popularity in Japan. However, it is suspected that the actor is now “blacklisted”.

On November 27th, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin became parents with the birth of their son. Son Ye Jin’s expected date was originally in December, but it seems that she gave birth earlier. 

In addition, Hyun Bin, who was filming his next movie “Harbin” in Mongolia, is said to have stayed by Son Ye Jin’s side during childbirth. 

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However, while the couple delivered great news, Hyun Bin was caught up in untimely rumors. In particular, suspicions were raised that Hyun Bin was being “blacklisted” by the Japanese entertainment industry.

In particular, on December 1st, Newsens quoted a Japanese agency, and reported that after Hyun Bin confirmed to star in the movie “Harbin”, the Japanese market started to treat him coldly. 

According to the media report, Japanese companies that used to compete for the chance to hold Hyun Bin’s fan meeting in Japan are now changing their minds. 

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Instead of being eager to host such events like in the past, these companies are now citing reasons such as the demand forecast, the possible audience turnout, and issues such as venue rental and ticket presale to abstain from organizing Hyun Bin’s fan meeting. 

An official also claimed that after news came out about Hyun Bin’s appearance in “Harbin”, responses from Japanese companies have grown lackluster towards Hyun Bin. 

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In the wake of such a controversy, Hyun Bin’s agency, VAST Entertainment, announced an official position through various media outlets, saying, “We are constantly monitoring, but we do not feel anything about changes in the Japanese market.

It is known that Hyun Bin is currently filming the movie “Harbin”, which revolves around Korean independence activists in the early 1900s. They risked their lives to fight the Japanese invaders to achieve Korea’s independence. 

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In the movie, Hyun Bin assumes the role of Ahn Jung Geun, a lieutenant general in the Korean Army.

Last month, Hyun Bin attended an event held at the Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall and said, “I decided to participate in the work and went to the Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall on my own. At that time, there was a heavy tremor in my heart.I’ll do my best with great actors and staff.”

Meanwhile, the K-drama “Crash Landing on You”, which stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, gained great popularity in Japan as well as in Korea. As a result, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin also emerged as Japan’s top celebrities.

Source: Insight 

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