Is she drunk? Red Velvet Seulgi’s recent status drew attention

Red Velvet Seulgi’s newly Instagram post received keen attention

Seulgi posted several photos on her Instagram on the 3rd with the caption, “You look drunk, that’s right, hoohoo”. In the published photo, Seulgi is having a leisurely time after a concert in England.

Notably, Seulgi’s cheeks turned red as if she was drunk. In addition, she caught the eye by posing in a charming pose at Tower Bridge in London. Seulgi was smiling brightly with her eyes slightly opened.

After drinking, she showed off her undistorted beauty and drew attention by making a V-sign with her finger.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments on Seulgi’s Instagram, such as “Really ridiculously cute”, “What’s wrong with this cutie”, “She’s pretty even when drunk”, etc

Meanwhile, Red Velvet, to which Seulgi belongs, departed for London, England on the 28th of last month to attend the ‘MIK Festival in London’.

Source: Wikitree

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