Lee Kwang Soo shared, “After rejected Kim Jong Kook, my younger sister did plastic surgery and got married”

Lee Kwang Soo shared many interesting stories on the show “My Little Oldboy”.

SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” ranked 1st on 2049 and household show rating categories, proving to be one of the best Sunday entertainment shows.

According to Nielsen Korea, the episode of “My Little Old Boy” aired on August 15 topped the list of Sunday entertainment shows with a rating of 4.8%, and its average household rating (based on the urban areas) was 13.9%. Particularly, the scene when Choi Jin Hyuk rode a wakeboard along the riverside in the cool summer attracted much attention as it received the highest rating of 16.6%.

Following last week’s episode, in the recent episode, Lee Kwang Soo appeared as a special MC and revealed stories about his sister, who is 3 years younger than him. MC Shin Dong Yeop said, “I heard that she got married already. Before getting married, was she really interested in Jong Kook?”. Kwangsoo answered, “Since I’m really close to Jong Kook, I wondered what if we became family members?”. He added, “I showed Jong Kook my sister’s photo… but he didn’t respond.”. “It was before my sister met Jong Myung. After doing plastic surgery, she got married and now enjoying her happy life”, he said, making everyone burst into laughter.

To celebrate Kim Dae Hee’s birthday, Kim Jun Ho gathered 3 people, Kim Dae Hee, Hong In Gyu, and Kwon Jae Kwan, at a dock in Wando, Jeollanam Province, which is 12 hours away from Seoul. It turned out that Dae Hee was going to do a special birthday performance on an island near Wando. Kim Jun Ho prepared 3 gifts, including a birthday party electronic board event, Wando seaweed, and a large birthday cake. However, in the end, Junho had to get on a boat and hurry back to Seoul because of his schedule. The birthday boy, who spent 6 hours since the morning to get to the birthday party, was left with anger.

On Kim Hee Chul‘s birthday, Super Junior‘s members, Eunhyuk and Shindong, prepared unusual events. Eun Hyuk prepared a birthday meal by mixing 3 dishes made by Hee Chul’s mother with other foods and then asked Hee Chul to guess his mother’s food. Apart from the steamed ribs, Hee Chul got 2 other dishes wrong, but Shindong guessed all 3 dishes correctly, making everyone laughed. After that, they played a game. Hee Chul was asked to call someone who might be at home at the moment and had to receive the answer “I’m home”. Hee Chul called actor Ma Dong Seok; however, Ma Dong Seok was in another place, so Hee Chul had to receive a finger flick by Shindong as the punishment. Eunhyuk called actor Park Hyun Sik. The fact that Hyung Sik didn’t save Eunhyuk’s number made Eun Hyuk really disappointed. He said, “Hyung Sik ah, please save my phone number.”, making everyone laugh so hard.

Meanwhile, Choi Jin Hyuk, the person who made the highest rating scene of 16.6%, together with Lim Won Hee and Jung Seok Yong, went for a summer vacation and decided to ride wakeboarding. That day Jin Hyuk was prepared with full equipment from the board to the shoes; he said, “A professional person must be fully equipped”. He said confidently, “I can do the jump; I’m not the beginner”. However, Lim Won Hee, a clumsy member of the team, expressed his suspicion towards Jin Hyuk.

Jun Seok Yong was the first person to try wakeboarding. He surprised everyone by succeeding in standing up even though it was his first attempt. On the other hand, the experienced Lim Won Hee failed to board and fell into the water after challenging it many times.

The last person to challenge was Choi Jin Hyuk. Won Hee and Seok Yong were ready to tease Choi Jin Hyuk. However, Choi Jin Hyuk impressed everyone with his unexpected charisma. Not only did he do the jump shots, but he was also able to make a cut through the water despite the humid atmosphere. The rating soared to 16.6, making it the best-viewed scene of the show. Since then, Jin Hyuk was known as the “great Hyuk” who flew over the water.

In the end, the three of them talked while eating noodles; Jung Seok Yong was asked, “If you are born again, would you choose to live as Choi Jin-hyuk for 30 years or as Lim Won-hee for 80 years?” Seok Yong chose to live as Jin Hyuk for 30 years without thinking, making a big laugh for everyone.

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