Fans hurt when BTS know what anti-fans are talking about them

It’s hard to describe the feelings of BTS’s fans when they find out that their idols know about the fan wars on social networks more than they should.

Every artist, no matter where they are, has to accept contrary opinions of the audiences to be successful. Especially, it’s unavoidable for Kpop idols to have anti-fans because this is where fandoms develop strongly. So is BTS. If you are a fan of BTS, you’ll know that, to have such a success like right now, both idols and fandom had to overcome a number of hurtful situations, especially the one that happened in May 2016.

BTS, Billbroad award
To have bright smiles like today, the boys used to let their tears fall for many times.

May 2016 was the time that every A.R.M.Y who used to suffer had to cry sometimes. During that time, BTS was accused of plagiarism which was non-sense while they did nothing wrong. The ridiculous indignation of the accusers reached its max level when 5 fandoms united using 2 hashtags #(plagiarism boys) and #(BANGTANplagiarism) to insult BTS. It took a lot of times and efforts for BTS’s fans to take those hashtags down so that their idols would hopefully not see them.
Up to now, everything belonged to the past, but it left a lot of sad memories for their fandom. Most of their fans believed that BTS did not know much about this due to their busy schedules including promotion plans on music shows as well as concerts. However, in their comeback and concert this time, their fans surprisingly found out that, there was nothing that BTS did not know.

BTS, anti-fan, army
Photo captured from VCR at THE WINGS TOUR Concert in Seoul is making their fans confused and heartbroken.

We can easily see all of the words that appeared on the VCR. Firstly, there were 2 Korean consonant strings – a popular abbreviation in Korea. In the 1st string, “ㅅㅈㄱ” is an abbreviation of the word “sajaegi” in Korean, which means “cheating”. Next, “ㅍㅈㅅㄴㄷ” stands for “Pyojeolsonyeondan” which means “plagiarism boys”. Moreover, English words in the VCR also have the same meanings: “prejudice” “plagiarism” and “discrimination”. All of these words and strings are related to the accusation of their anti-fans in May 2016.

Showing all of the words which used to be the “nightmare” of their fandom on VCR at the concert meant that both BTS and Big Hit knew what the fans had been suffering and what they were calumniate of. It’s hard to imagine how would they hurt when reading those cruel accusations and their efforts and achievements were not appreciated. But the moment when 7 boys facing that criticizing wall was like a statement of BTS that they would face anti-fans and never hid. This was seen as a promise to their fans that the group would always overcome every difficulty with them.
This VCR is making all of their fans, especially those who used to suffer this event in May 2016, sad. To A.R.M.Y, BTS deserves to get the best things while their fans will protect them from cruel sayings from the anti-fans. Though this sad story already ended, for sure, it’s very hard for both BTS and their fans to forget those times.

Source: tinnhac, twitter

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