Lee Joon-gi & Yoon Shi-yoon, “Oldies, but goodies”

Actors Lee Joon-gi and Yoon Shi-yoon are proving that “Form is temporary and class is permanent”.

Lee Joon-gi, who turned 40 this year, made his name known to the public in 2005 as he swept awards at various film festivals and created a legendary syndrome with the movie “The King and the Clown”. Since then, he has been working hard on acting for a long time, consolidating his acting skills and has attracted attention for every work he appears in.

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Joon-gi is also giving off a strong presence in SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life”. He plays Kim Hee-woo, a resilient and determined prosecutor who destroys the inner circle of evil. Lee Joon-gi is receiving favorable reviews from viewers for delicately depicting various sides of a cataclysmic character.

In particular, Lee Joon-gi’s youthful visuals instilled persuasive power into the story of the time-slip material. At the age of 40, he naturally acted as a student preparing for the bar exam and perfectly portrayed the process of growing from a freshman college student to a righteous prosecutor who dreams of revenge.

Lee Jun Ki

Yoon Shi-yoon’s performance is also impressive. Debuting through MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof” in 2009, despite being a rookie actor, he immediately took the lead role in KBS2’s “King of Baking, Kim Takgu” and rose to stardom with his acting skills beyond expectations.


Enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2014, Yoon Shi-yoon, who had been steadily busy with home theaters and entertainment shows after being discharged from the military, became an actor loved by viewers of all ages thanks to KBS2’s weekend drama “It’s Beautiful Now” (written by Ha Myeong-hee, directed by Kim Seong-geun).

Although he must have felt a lot of pressure to star in a KBS weekend drama, which has a fixed audience and records high ratings, he created Hyunjae, a lawyer with a variety of charms from charisma to sweetness, in his own style, further increasing the immersion level of viewers.

It's Beautiful Now

As such, Lee Joon-gi and Yoon Shi-yoon have been recognized for years and are continuing to show a wide range of moves with their improved acting skills. As they are still growing, such as showing unlimited transformation, people are raising expectations for new images they will show in the future.

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