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Lee Man Ki shocked Hur Hanna as he compared himself to actor Song Joong Ki, “Am I worse than him?”

Wrestler-turned-broadcaster Lee Man Ki argued that he is comparable to actor Song Joong Ki.

The recent broadcast of IHQ’s variety program “Self-sufficient Expedition” showed the members (Lee Man Ki, Yoon Taek, Lee Sang Joon, and Hur Anna) visiting Wanju, Jeollabuk-do.

On the broadcast, the members carried out a mission to set up a table with traditional refreshments. While performing the mission, comedian Hur Anna suddenly asked, “Do you know the balance game?”.

lee man ki

Comedian Yoon Taek then asked, “What is balance game?”. Fellow comedian Lee Sang Joon explained, “It’s the most popular game among women”.

Lee Sang Joon then asked Hur Anna, “Lee Man Ki vs Song Joong Ki?”. In response, Hur Anna said, “Is that really a balance game?”.

Then, Lee Man Ki got angry and said, “Am I worse than Song Joong-ki?“, rendering Yoon Taek, Lee Sang Joon, and Hur Anna, who were next to him, speechless.

When no one responded to Lee Man Ki, the production team invoked laughter by adding the caption “3 Seconds before he got upset”.

lee man ki

In addition, the 45th episode of “Self-sufficient Expedition” also depicted the members visiting a filming site of BTS, finishing a race in Wanju, and carrying out an apple jujube tea-making competition.

On the other hand, the media entertainment group IHQ’s self-produced program “Self-sufficient Expedition” is a “self-sufficient life” entertainment featuring Lee Man Ki, Yoon Taek, Lee Sang Joon, and Hur Anna, who travels around different regions to cook and make special products. It airs every Thursday at 10 PM (KST) through the channel IHQ. Replay is possible through the OTT (online video service) “babayo”, which is operated by IHQ.

Source: Nate

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