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Suzy dishes on her new drama “Anna”, secret to look young, and more 

Suzy guested on “Entertainment Live” to promote her new drama “Anna” and boasted self-confidence. 

In the June 30th broadcast of KBS2’s talk show “Entertainment Live”, Suzy, who is making a small-screen comeback with Coupang Play’s original series “Anna”, made a guest appearance and had an interview with the host. 

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Suzy revealed that during the filming of the wedding scene in “Anna”, which recently became a hot topic, she was actually very hungry. She drew laughter by saying, “I quickly became hungry because of the long exhaustion of stamina.”

In particular, Suzy wore more than 150 outfits in “Anna”. She recently posted photos of her wearing a school uniform on Instagram, and created a buzz with her youthful appearance. When asked about her secret to looking younger than her real age, Suzy showed confidence and said, “I think you have to be born with it.”


When a video from her Miss A days was shown, Suzy got shy and said, “There were comments saying that I looked pretty even if I had choppy hair.” 

When Suzy was asked about the work she liked the most out of many films and dramas she has done, she chose “Architecture 101” without any hesitation. This is the movie that made Suzy earn the title the “nation’s first love”. Suzy also said, “The movie is like a parent to me, a work that gave birth to me and made me find the fun in acting.”

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In fact, with this movie, Suzy won the “Best Rookie” award in the movie field following drama and entertainment show. She is the first to be awarded with such a Grand Slam. In response, Suzy said, “At that moment, everything was so great and honorable, I couldn’t believe it,” adding, “I’m still under pressure, so I’m trying to shake that off.”

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In addition, when asked if she had ever dreamed of another life where she can live like one of her characters, Suzy said, “I don’t think I have,” adding, “I’ve experienced enough with ‘Anna’, I’m experiencing another life through my acting work.” When asked about Suzy 10 years later, she said, “I want to be a sincere person and actress,” adding, “I hope you look forward to this movie, which I had a lot of fun filming.”

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