Gaeul, the next member to join I’VE with Ahn Yujin, has just been introduced

The second girl of the 6-member girl group I’VE – Gaeul has recently been revealed.

On the evening of November 3rd, the profile photos of Gaeul were posted I’VE‘s official SNS accounts.

In the first released image, Gaeul draws attention by wearing a white top and revealing a pure vibe. In particular, although the photo was taken in black-and-white, she still catches people’s eyes with her beautiful visual that stands out with distinctive facial features.

IVE Gaeul

In the following image, Gaeul shows off her unique vibe with a two-colored hairstyle. She stares at the camera with fierce eyes, giving off a confident and attractive appearance, which is completely opposite from that in the black-and-white image.

IVE Gaeul

Born in 2022, Gaeul is expected to take on the rap position and enrich the color of I’VE’s music. With her perfect visual and outstanding rap skills, Gaeul has raised expectations for the charms and passionate performances that she will show on stages.

I’VE is a six-member rookie group that Starship Entertainment introduced after 5 years. Revealed as a complete group, not a group consisting of girls who are still developing their skills, I’VE’s name – “I HAVE = I’VE”, is given to the girls with an ambition to express themselves and what they have confidently.

IVE Gaeul

I’VE, which is still under preparation and is constantly revealing their members, from Yujin to Gaeul, has attracted keen attention and explosive responses from music fans all over the world even before their official debut. I’VE’s profile photos and promotion schedule will be unveiled one after another through their official SNS channels.

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